Career Ladder

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Career Ladder: The progression of jobs in an organization’s specific occupational fields ranked from highest to lowest based on level of responsibility and pay.

Other Words for Career

Career Verb Synonyms: speed, race, rush, dash, fly, tear, hurtle, bolt, shoot, zoom
Career Noun Synonyms: employment, occupation, calling, vocation, pursuit, (life's) work, job, business, livelihood, profession, trade, craft, m‚tier

Dual Career Ladders-Tracks

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Dual Career Ladders-Tracks: An employee career development plan allowing employees to alternate between technical, professional or managerial positions over the course of their careers while they simultaneously receive higher co MORE

College and Career Academy

Life Style / College / College and Career Academy: Greenville Tech's College and Career Academy serves the needs of students, Career Development Facilitators and school administrators across the Upstate, providing college, career and life skills assis MORE

Career Plateau

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Career Plateau: Occurs when an employee has reached the highest position level he or she can possibly obtain within an organization and has no future prospect of being promoted due to a lack of skills, corporate rest MORE

Hook And Ladder

Entertainment / Football / Hook And Ladder: A trick play in which a receiver (usually a wide receiver) runs a hook pattern (i.e., moving toward the line of scrimmage to make a catch), and then laterals the ball to a second player (generally ano MORE

Jacobs Ladder

Life Style / Travel / Jacobs Ladder: A rope ladder lowered from the deck of a ship while at sea, to facilitate the boarding of crew or emergency staff. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Stepladder: Three consecutive games in a series that increase by one pin each game; i.e., 145-146-147 is a stepladder series; also, a type of competition that ends an event whereby the lowest seeded player among MORE