Case Study

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Case Study: A case study uses real scenarios that focus on a specific issue(s). It looks deeply at a specific issue, drawing conclusions only about that issue and only in that specific context.

Other Words for Case

Case Verb Synonyms: encase, box, crate, pack, package, containerize
Case Noun Synonyms: instance, example, event, occurrence, happening, occasion, circumstance, state, situation

Other Words for Study

Study Noun Synonyms: learn (about), read, con, memorize, burn the midnight oil, lucubrate, bone up (on), cram, swot or swat, mug up
Study Adjective Synonyms: contemplate, consider, reflect on, think over or about, ruminate on, chew over, turn over, weigh, ponder, deliberate over or on or about, muse about or on, mull over, meditate on or about or over
Study Verb Synonyms: learning, lessons, bookwork, work, reading, contemplation, investigation, boning up, cramming, swotting or swatting

Feasibility Study

Health / Disease / Feasibility Study: A study by EPA to determine the best way to clean up environmental contamination. A number of factors are considered, including health risk, costs, and what methods will work well. MORE

Home Study

Life Style / Adoption / Home Study: A process whereby an individual or couple undergo a study by a licensed public or private agency to assure the well-being of the child in the home and the readiness of the family to adopt. MORE

Ever-Ready Case

Entertainment / Photography / Ever-Ready Case: Camera case that can be opened, allowing the camera to be used without removing it. A front flap hinges down to uncover the lens, viewfinder and camera controls. MORE

Event Study

Business / Finance / Event Study: The risk that the ability of an issuer to make interest and principal payments will change because of rare, discontinuous, and very large, unanticipated changes in the market environment such as (1) a MORE

Casement Window

Business / Construction / Casement Window: A window with hinges on one of the vertical sides and swings open like a normal door MORE

Caseworker Competency

Life Style / Adoption / Caseworker Competency: Demonstrated professional behaviors based on the knowledge, skills, personal qualities and values a person holds. MORE