Compliance Officer

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Compliance Officer: An employee of the OFCCP engaged in the investigation of employment discrimination charges and conducting compliance reviews. The former name for this position was Equal Opportunity Specialist (EOS).

Other Words for Officer

Officer Noun Synonyms: (public) official, dignitary, office-holder, public servant, office-bearer, (political) appointee, (government) agent, bureaucrat, functionary, commissioner, administrator, manager, director, apparatchik


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Noncompliance: Failure to follow equal employment opportunity or affirmative action guidelines and the regulations applicable to them. MORE

Escrow Agent-Officer

Business / Real Estate / Escrow Agent-Officer: An individual qualified to perform all the steps necessary to prepare and carry out escrow instructions. Tasks include obtaining title insurance, securing payoff demands, prorating taxes, interest, re MORE

Office Of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Office Of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP): Division of the Employment Standards Administration in the Department of Labor responsible for enforcing three statutes for federal contractors and subcontractors: Executive Order No. 11246, the Rehab MORE


Life Style / Travel / Officers: The deck officers, in order of command, are - captain, staff captain, chief officer, first officer(s). The captain is first in command of the ship. As second in command, the staff captain is fully cap MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Vas-Compliance: A measurement in liters or cubic feet of the volume of air that is equal to the compliance of the speaker's total suspension. MORE

Offsetting Compliance

Business / Agriculture / Offsetting Compliance: A requirement that a farmer owning multiple farms who wishes to participate in a crop program must comply with the program’s provisions on all farms under the farmer’s ownership in order to be eli MORE