Construct Validity

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Construct Validity: The extent to which a test or other assessment instrument measures a particular trait.

Other Words for Construct

Construct Verb Synonyms: fabricate, devise, create, forge, invent, formulate, compose, shape, set up, fashion
Construct Adjective Synonyms: build, erect, make, put together, frame, set up, put up, assemble


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Validity: The general concept of validity is traditionally defined as 'the degree to which a test measures what it claims, or purports, to be measuring.' Validity is normally subdivided into three categories: c MORE

International Bank For Reconstruction And Development (IBRD)

Business / Finance / International Bank For Reconstruction And Development (IBRD): IBRD or World Bank makes loans at nearly conventional terms to countries for projects of high economic priority. MORE

Memorial Reconstruction

Entertainment / Literature / Memorial Reconstruction: Renaissance actors reconstructing the text of a play from their own (sometimes faulty) memory. Acting companies often lost or gained members rapidly. It is possible that some actors formerly working w MORE

Impersonal Verb Construction

Entertainment / Literature / Impersonal Verb Construction: A verb used without a subject or with a largely non-referential 'it' as the subject. For instance, 'It is raining.' MORE

Exposure-Dose Reconstruction

Health / Disease / Exposure-Dose Reconstruction: A method of estimating the amount of people's past exposure to hazardous substances. Computer and approximation methods are used when past information is limited, not available, or missing. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Deconstruction: An interpretive movement in literary theory that reached its apex in the 1970s. Deconstruction rejects absolute interpretations, stressing ambiguities and contradictions in literature. Deconstruction MORE