Business / Human Resources (HR) / Consultant: An individual who works independently to assist and advise client organizations with various organizational functions and responsibilities on a fee-for-service basis.

Other Words for Consultant

Consultant Noun Synonyms: adviser or advisor, expert, counsellor or counselor
Consultant Adjective Synonyms: physician, doctor, specialist, expert

Employee Benefits Consultant

Health / Health Insurance / Employee Benefits Consultant: A specialist in employee benefits and insurance who is hired by a group buyer to provide advice on a health plan purchase. MORE

Management Consultant

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Management Consultant: An individual who works independently to assist and advise clients with managerial responsibilities regarding various organizational issues. MORE

Adoption Consultant

Life Style / Adoption / Adoption Consultant: Anyone who helps with the placement of a child, but specifically someone who makes it his or her private business to facilitate adoptions. MORE


Life Style / Adoption / Search: An attempt, usually by birthparent, adopted person or adoptive parent (but sometimes by volunteers or paid consultants) to make a connection between the birthparent and the biological child. MORE

Financial Planner

Business / Taxes / Financial Planner: A financial planner evaluates your personal finances and helps you develop a financial plan to meet both your immediate needs and your long-term goals. Some, but not all, planners have credentials fro MORE

Search Firm

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Search Firm: An organization or individual consultants working on a retainer or fee basis who provide the service of searching and screening potential candidates for prospective employers. Typically search firms a MORE