Corporate Image

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Corporate Image: The way in which an organization is viewed by clients, employees, vendors or the general public.

Other Words for Image

Image Noun Synonyms: epitome, duplicate, copy, counterpart, facsimile, replica, double, twin, clone, spitting image or spit and image, (dead) ringer
Image Adjective Synonyms: likeness, representation, picture, sculpture, statue, effigy, figure, portrait, simulacrum, icon or ikon, idol, graven image, fetish, tiki

Image Resolution

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Resolution: The number of pixels in a digital photo is commonly referred to as its image resolution. MORE

Image Plane

Entertainment / Photography / Image Plane: Plane commonly at right angles to the optical axis at which a sharp image of the subject is formed. The nearer the subject is to the camera, the greater the lens image plane distance. MORE

Image Sensor

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Sensor: A digital camera's image sensing element, or as it's often referred to, its image sensor. The image sensor's job is to convert light to electrical energy, which can then be stored in digital form in t MORE

Image Stabilization

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Stabilization: A feature that reduces the blurring of images that occurs as a result of camera shake when taking hand-held shots, particularly at slow shutter speeds or when using telephoto lenses. Optical image sta MORE

Interactive Guided Imagery

Health / Massage / Interactive Guided Imagery: An effective set of tools that can be used to mobilize the latent, innate healing abilities of clients to support rehabilitation, recovery, and health. It helps clients facilitate an enhanced awarenes MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Imagery: A common term of variable meaning, imagery includes the 'mental pictures' that readers experience with a passage of literature. It signifies all the sensory perceptions referred to in a poem, whether MORE