Crisis Prevention

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Crisis Prevention: The process of an organization implementing specific plans and procedures designed to circumvent certain disasters or emergencies.

Other Words for Crisis

Crisis Noun Synonyms: disaster, emergency, calamity, catastrophe, danger
Crisis Adjective Synonyms: turning-point, critical time or moment

Other Words for Prevention

Prevention Adjective Synonyms: preventing, anticipation, preclusion, obviation, forestalling, avoidance, avoiding, prohibition, prohibiting, ban, banning, bar, barring, forbiddance, forbidding, interdiction, interdicting,,ing, enjoining, injunction, proscription, proscribin

Secondary Prevention

Life Style / Adoption / Secondary Prevention: Activities targeted to prevent breakdowns and dysfunctions among families who have been identified as at risk for abuse and neglect. MORE

Primary Prevention

Life Style / Adoption / Primary Prevention: Activities geared to a sample of the general population to prevent child abuse and neglect from occurring. Also referred to as 'universal prevention.' MORE


Health / Disease / Prevention: Actions that reduce exposure or other risks, keep people from getting sick, or keep disease from getting worse. MORE

Tertiary Prevention

Life Style / Adoption / Tertiary Prevention: Treatment efforts geared to address situations where child maltreatment has already occurred with the goals of preventing child maltreatment from occurring in the future and of avoiding the harmful ef MORE

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC)

Health / Massage / The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC): The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the US agency charged with tracking and investigating public health trends. The stated mission of the CDC is 'To promote health and quality of life by MORE

Watershed And Flood Prevention Operations

Business / Agriculture / Watershed And Flood Prevention Operations: A program area of the Natural Resources Conservation Service that includes Flood Prevention Operations (under the Flood Control Act of 1944, P.L. 78-534), Emergency Watershed Protection, and Small Wat MORE