Cross Training

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Cross Training: The process of developing a multi skilled workforce by providing employees with training and development opportunities to ensure they have the skills necessary to perform various job functions within an organization.

Other Words for Cross

Cross Verb Synonyms: meet, intersect, join
Cross Noun Synonyms: hybrid, cross-breed, mongrel, blend, combination
Cross Adjective Synonyms: crucifix, rood

Interval Training

Health / Fitness / Interval Training: A training technique in which you alternate short, fairly intense spurts of exercise with periods of relatively easy exercise. MORE

La Crosse

Life Style / Wine Grapes / La Crosse: Has synonym name Elmer Swenson 294. Patented cold hardy (to -25 deg. F) American hybrid suitable for white wine or juice use. Derived from a (MN 78 x Seibel 1000) x Seyval Blanc cross. Ripens mid-late MORE

Grand Cross, Grand Square

Science / Astrology / Grand Cross, Grand Square: An aspect configuration in which four planets, each in a different sign of the same quadruplicity, form mutual squares. Much tension is generated among planets forming this pattern. If signs are mixed MORE

Grand Cross

Science / Astrology / Grand Cross: A configuration in which four planets form mutual squares. It creates much tension. MORE

Eucapnic Breath Retraining

Health / Massage / Eucapnic Breath Retraining: A technique of guided breathing exercises and training used by somatic therapists in combination with musculoskeletal therapy to release and normalize the function of the thorax, diaphragm, and other MORE

Free Style Training

Health / Fitness / Free Style Training: Training all body parts in one workout. MORE