Cultural Integration

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Cultural Integration: The process of bringing people of different racial or ethnic backgrounds into equal association.


Business / Agriculture / Integration: The combination (under the management of one firm) of two or more identical (horizontal) or successive (vertical) stages in the production or marketing process of a particular product. Generally the s MORE

Horticultural Specialty Crops

Business / Agriculture / Horticultural Specialty Crops: The Census of Agriculture includes as 'horticultural specialties' bedding plants, florists’ greens, flower and vegetable seeds, flowers, foliage, fruit stocks, nursery and ornamental plants, shrubbe MORE

Horizontal Integration

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Horizontal Integration: Also known as job rotation, it is a job enlargement method whereby employees are shifted between various comparable jobs in an effort to prevent boredom and boost morale. MORE

Integration Account

Business / Accounting / Integration Account: See Control Account . MORE

Intermediate Agricultural Products

Business / Agriculture / Intermediate Agricultural Products: Generally refers to agricultural products that have a higher per-unit value than bulk commodities: they are often partly processed but not necessarily ready for the consumers. Examples might include s MORE

Multicultural Novel

Entertainment / Literature / Multicultural Novel: As Robert Harris defines the term in his glossary, a multicultural novel is A novel written by a member of or about a cultural minority group, giving insight into non-Western or non-dominant cultural MORE