De Minimis Rule

Business / Human Resources (HR) / De Minimis Rule: Described by IRS guidelines as any benefit, property or service provided to an employee that has so little value (taking into account how frequently similar benefits are provided to employees) that accounting for it would be unreasonable or administratively impracticable. Cash, no matter how little, is never excludable as a de minimis benefit, except for occasional meal money or transportation fare.

Other Words for Rule

Rule Noun Synonyms: direct, guide, manage, control, lead, head (up), preside (over), superintend, oversee, supervise, regulate, govern, run
Rule Verb Synonyms: regulation, order, law, ordinance, ruling, decree, ukase, statute, principle, direction, guide, guideline, precept

Observational Mode

Technology / Television (TV) / Observational Mode: Type of television text wherein a television producer's presence is not obvious to the viewer, and his or her manipulation of the historical world is minimal. MORE

Oblique Desension

Science / Astrology / Oblique Desension: The angular complement of oblique ascension; i.e., 180° minus the oblique ascension arc. MORE


Science / Astrology / Occidental: Literally western; said of a planet that rises and sets after the Sun. MORE