Deductive Reasoning

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Deductive Reasoning: The ability to extract certain rules based on a sequence of experiences or observations and apply those rules to other similar situations.

Other Words for Reasoning

Reasoning Adjective Synonyms: thinking, logic, analysis, rationalization

Inductive Reasoning

Business / Finance / Inductive Reasoning: A tax return filed by an individual to account for their personal income and taxes payable. MORE

Descartean Reasoning

Entertainment / Literature / Descartean Reasoning: Logic of the sort championed by French philosopher René Descarte (1596-1650). This logic involves (1) a dualistic split between the mind and physical matter, and (2) radical doubt concerning the evid MORE

Deductive Reasoning

Business / Finance / Deductive Reasoning: An expense that is allowable as a reduction of gross taxable income by the IRS e.g., charity donations. MORE

Abstract Reasoning

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Abstract Reasoning: The process of perceiving issues and reaching conclusions through the use of symbols or generalizations rather than concrete factual information. MORE