Dimensions Of Diversity

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Dimensions Of Diversity: Include but are not limited to: age; gender; ethnicity; race; sexual orientation; physical abilities/qualities; geographic location; income; religious beliefs; parental status; marital status; military experience; work experience; family status; socio-economic status; educational background; class; organizational background; group identity; language; organizational level; thinking styles; communication styles; relationships and group affiliations; and job classification, job function.

Other Words for Diversity

Diversity Noun Synonyms: difference, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, unlikeness, disparity, deviation, divergence, departure, distinctiveness, diverseness, variation, variety, individuality, inconsistency, contrariety, discrepancy, contrast

Pick Off

Entertainment / Baseball / Pick Off: An attempt by the pitcher to get a base runner out by throwing to the base from the stretch position. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Pianoforte: Original name for the piano. MORE

Physician Profiling

Health / Health Insurance / Physician Profiling: In the context of a pharmacy benefit plan, the process of compiling data on physician prescribing patterns and comparing physicians' actual prescribing patterns to expected patterns within select drug MORE