Business / Human Resources (HR) / Documentation: Refers to written notices, records, forms, memos, letters and so forth used during disciplinary proceedings.


Business / Finance / Security: Piece of paper that proves ownership of stocks, bonds, and other investments. MORE


Business / Debt / Negotiable: The ability to be sold or transferred to another party as a form of payment. Something which is negotiable is transferable by endorsement and delivery. A negotiable instrument could be a check made ou MORE

Development Kit

Entertainment / Video Games / Development Kit: A collection of software utilities, documentation, and sometimes hardware that enables a programmer or programming team to build software for a particular platform. Also called 'S.D.K.' (Software Deve MORE


Business / Finance / Writer: Charging an asset amount to expense or loss, such as through the use of depreciation and amortization of assets. MORE

Guest Certificate

Life Style / Time Shares / Guest Certificate: Documentation provided by an exchange company usually affiliated with a resort. This document authorizes a guest to use a timeshare exchange in lieu of the owners. MORE


Life Style / Time Shares / Constitution: Legal documentation which describes and regulates the relationships between the management company, trustee, developer, and owner. The constitution essentially establishes guidelines as to how the res MORE