Business / Human Resources (HR) / Empowerment: Enabling an individual to have responsibility, control and decision-making authority over the work he or she performs.

Self-Directed Teams

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Self-Directed Teams: A multi-skilled, cross-functional group of employees possessing full empowerment who share responsibilities for producing a particular service or product. MORE

Open-Book Management

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Open-Book Management: A management strategy emphasizing employee empowerment by making the organization’s financial data available to all employees. The goal of this type of management program is to make employees view t MORE

Industrial Democracy

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Industrial Democracy: The involvement and empowerment of employees in decision-making within the organization by such methods as joint labor-management committees, work teams, quality circles, employee task forces, etc. MORE

Food Agriculture Conservation And Trade Act Of 1990 (FACT)

Business / Agriculture / Food Agriculture Conservation And Trade Act Of 1990 (FACT): P.L. 101-624 (November 28, 1990) was a 5-year omnibus farm bill. It continued to move agriculture in a market-oriented direction by freezing target prices and allowing more planting flexibility. New t MORE