English-Only Rules

Business / Human Resources (HR) / English-Only Rules: An employer policy or work rule that requires employees to only speak in the English language at all times while on the job or in the workplace.

Securities And Exchange Commission Rules

Business / Finance / Securities And Exchange Commission Rules: Rules enacted by the SEC to assist in the regulation of U.S. financial markets. MORE

Rules Of Golf

Entertainment / Golf / Rules Of Golf: Regulations and procedures of the game as set forth by a collaborative effort of the royal and ancient golf club of st. Andrews in scotland and the united states golf association (for specific rules s MORE

Suitability Rules

Business / Finance / Suitability Rules: A hostile takeover prevention tactic that could destroy the target company. Taking on a large amount of debt to prevent the takeover might cause bankruptcy, for example. MORE

Summer Rules

Entertainment / Golf / Summer Rules: Another way some people use to indicate that the ball will be played 'down' or 'as it lies' (as opposed to 'lift, clean and place,' 'preferred lies' or 'winter rules') MORE

Winter Rules

Entertainment / Golf / Winter Rules: (also 'preferred lies, improved lies, bumping it') a local rule under which a player can improve his lie without penalty MORE

Visual Flight Rules (VFR)

Technology / Aviation / Visual Flight Rules (VFR): A defined set of FAA regulations and "rules of the road" covering operation of aircraft primarily by visual reference to the horizon (for aircraft control) and see-and-avoid procedures (for traffic se MORE