Exempt Employees

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Exempt Employees: Employees who meet one of the FLSA exemption tests and who are paid on a fixed salary basis and not entitled to overtime.

Other Words for Exempt

Exempt Verb Synonyms: exempted, free, liberated, released, excused, relieved, spared, let off, excepted, immune, off the hook

Tax-Exempt (Tax Free)

Business / Accounting / Tax-Exempt (Tax Free): Investments (e.g., municipal bonds) whose earnings are free from tax liability. MORE

Tax Exemption

Business / Accounting / Tax Exemption: An amount that a taxpayer who meets certain criteria can subtract from taxable income. Examples include exemptions for each dependent or for life insurance proceeds. (See Tax Credit, Tax Deduction.) MORE

Tax Exempt

Business / Taxes / Tax Exempt: Some investments are tax exempt, which means you don't have to pay income tax on the earnings they produce. For example, the interest you receive on a municipal bond is generally exempt from federal i MORE

Special Exempt

Entertainment / Tennis / Special Exempt: Players who are unable to appear in a tournament's qualifying draw, because they are still competing in a previous tournament, can be awarded a spot in the main draw by special exempt. MORE

Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund

Business / Finance / Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund: Levies on the annual income of a business imposed by federal and state governments. On the income statement, this figure does not include property taxes, which are considered an operating expense. MORE

Tax-Exempt Sector

Business / Finance / Tax-Exempt Sector: A money market fund that invests in short-term tax-exempt municipal securities. MORE