Business / Human Resources (HR) / Facilitator: A trainer who assists a group in learning or reaching a specific goal by directing and controlling the group process and allowing the group to work collectively to resolve problems and come up with solutions.

Adoption Facilitator

Life Style / Adoption / Adoption Facilitator: Unlicensed organizations or individuals offering adoption services, which is illegal in 20 states. MORE

College and Career Academy

Life Style / College / College and Career Academy: Greenville Tech's College and Career Academy serves the needs of students, Career Development Facilitators and school administrators across the Upstate, providing college, career and life skills assis MORE


Business / Real Estate / Non-Agent: An intermediary between a buyer and seller, or landlord and tenant, who assists both parties with a transaction without representing either. Also known as a facilitator, transaction broker, transactio MORE

Transaction Broker

Business / Real Estate / Transaction Broker: A transaction broker (also referred to as a nonagent, facilitator, coordinator or contract broker) is not an agent of either party. A transactional brokers job is simply to help both the buyer and the MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Seminar: A facilitator-directed meeting or conference consisting of groups of individuals gathered to study a specific subject matter. MORE

Real Estate Assistant

Business / Real Estate / Real Estate Assistant: A real estate assistant (also known as a personal assistant or professional assistant) is a combination of office manager, marketer, organizer and facilitator with a fundamental understanding of the r MORE