Fractional Bargaining

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Fractional Bargaining: Bargaining that takes place at a department or unit level which may lead to an unwritten consensus to ignore certain provisions of a collective bargaining agreement.

Fractional Section

Business / Real Estate / Fractional Section: A parcel of land less than 160 acres, usually found at the edge of a rectangular survey. Undersized or oversized sections are classified as fractional sections. Fractional sections may occur for a num MORE

Fractional Share

Business / Finance / Fractional Share: A type of order that gives the broker discretion to alter the price, up or down, within a specific fractional range in order to guarantee an execution. MORE

Fractional-Horsepower Motor

Technology / Motors / Fractional-Horsepower Motor: A motor usually built in a frame smaller than that having a continuous rating of one horsepower, open construction, at 1700 -1800 rpm. Within NEMA frame sizes FHP encompasses the 42, 48 and 56 frames. MORE

Good -Faith Bargaining

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Good -Faith Bargaining: The principles applied to conducting negotiations where two parties meet and confer at reasonable times with open minds and the intention of reaching an agreement. MORE

Fractional Ownership

Life Style / Time Shares / Fractional Ownership: Timeshare ownership of two or more weeks at the same resort during a calendar year. Generally defined as ownership in intervals of more than one week and less than whole ownership. 'Fractionals' are a MORE

Fractional Distillation

Science / Chemistry / Fractional Distillation: A technique for separation of liquid mixtures by distillation that uses a tower attached to a flask containing the mixture to perform multiple distillations. Vapor moving up the column condenses on pa MORE