Functional Team

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Functional Team: A group of employees who are responsible for a particular function within the organization.

Other Words for Functional

Functional Noun Synonyms: utilitarian,eful, serviceable, practical, practicable, functioning, working, essential, important, effective
Functional Verb Synonyms: working, operating, operational, running, going

Other Words for Team

Team Noun Synonyms: side, line-up, group, band, gang, body, crew, party, troupe

Special Teams

Entertainment / Football / Special Teams: The units that handle kickoffs, punts, free kicks and field goal attempts. Often manned by second and third team players. MORE

Steam Fog

Science / Weather / Steam Fog: A type of advection fog that is produced by evaporation when cool air passes over a warm wet surface and the fog rises, giving the appearance of steam. Also called sea smoke when it occurs over the oc MORE

Self-Directed Teams

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Self-Directed Teams: A multi-skilled, cross-functional group of employees possessing full empowerment who share responsibilities for producing a particular service or product. MORE

Offensive Team

Entertainment / Football / Offensive Team: The team with possession of the ball MORE

Multidisciplinary Team

Life Style / Adoption / Multidisciplinary Team: Established between agencies and professionals within the child protection system to discuss cases of child abuse and neglect and to aid in decisions at various stages of the CPS case process. These t MORE

Offending Team

Entertainment / Football / Offending Team: The team that committed a foul. MORE