Hidden Disabilities

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Hidden Disabilities: Disabilities which are not of a visible nature, such as learning disorders, alcohol abuse, depression, etc.

Other Words for Hidden

Hidden Verb Synonyms: concealed, secret, obscure(d), occult, veiled, cryptic, recondite, arcane, covert, esoteric, unseen, private

Hidden Values

Business / Finance / Hidden Values: A sales charge that is not explicitly disclosed or is buried in the fine print of a mutual fund prospectus or life insurance policy and therefore is not immediately apparent. MORE

Hidden Text

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Hidden Text: SEO technique used to show search engine spiders text that human visitors do not see. While some sites may get away with it for a while, generally the risk to reward ratio is inadequate for most legit MORE

Hidden-City Ticketing

Life Style / Travel / Hidden-City Ticketing: Another airline no-no; buying a ticket from a to c with a stop in b. The passenger gets off at b, which was the intended destination anyway. The ticket is purchased because the fare from a to c is les MORE

Learning Disabilities

Life Style / College / Learning Disabilities: encompasses a wide variety of learning difficulties for students. In general, a learning disability describes a discrepancy between a child's intelligence and academic achievement. Some people have le MORE

Learning Disabilities (LD)

Life Style / Adoption / Learning Disabilities (LD): One or more impairments in reading, mathematics or written expression skills which interfere with academic performance in school or in activities of daily living requiring those skills. Performance on MORE

Hidden Load

Business / Finance / Hidden Load: Hong Kong Interbank Offer Rate, the annualized offer rate banks pay to attain Hong Kong three-month deposits in denominated dollars. MORE