Business / Human Resources (HR) / Homosexual : Outdated clinical term considered derogatory and offensive by many gay people.

Other Words for Homosexual

Homosexual Adjective Synonyms: gay, homophile, lesbian, tribade, sapphist, All the following are offensive and derogatory pervert, invert, queer, fairy, pansy, nancy, nance, queen, drag queen, homo, butch, (bull) dyke, poof, poofter, ginger (beer), fruit, auntie, fag


Technology / Email / Permission: The implicit approval given when a person actively requests to have their own email address added to a list. MORE

Permission Marketing

Business / Internet Marketing / Permission Marketing: Marketing centered around getting customer's consent to receive information from a company. MORE


Business / Construction / Permit : A governmental municipal authorization to perform a building process as in: Zoning\Use permit -Authorization to use a property for a specific use e.g. A garage, a single family residence etc. Demoliti MORE

Permian Period

Science / Biology / Permian Period: The last geologic time period of the Paleozoic Era, noted for the greatest mass extinction in earth history, when nearly 96% of species died out. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Permeable: Allows another material to pass through without effecting the existing material. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Permanganate: Permanganate ion (mno4-) is a powerful oxidizing agent used in chemical analysis and water treatment. The ion has an intense purple color. MORE