Horizontal Integration

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Horizontal Integration: Also known as job rotation, it is a job enlargement method whereby employees are shifted between various comparable jobs in an effort to prevent boredom and boost morale.

Other Words for Horizontal

Horizontal Adjective Synonyms: level, flat, plane, prone, supine

Integration Account

Business / Accounting / Integration Account: See Control Account . MORE

Knowledge Integration

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Knowledge Integration: Knowledge integration is broadly defined as the assimilation, extraction, transformation and loading of information from disparate systems into a single more unified, consistent and accurate data stor MORE

Operational Integration

Health / Health Insurance / Operational Integration: The consolidation into a single operation of operations that were previously carried out separately by different providers. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Integration: The combination (under the management of one firm) of two or more identical (horizontal) or successive (vertical) stages in the production or marketing process of a particular product. Generally the s MORE

Horizontally Opposed

Technology / Motorcycle / Horizontally Opposed: Type of engine layout in which the cylinders are placed at 180° to one another. It is also described as a flat twin or flat four, etc. Also known as a boxer engine. MORE

Horizontal Transmission

Health / Disease / Horizontal Transmission: Transmission of an infection between members of the same species that are not in a parent-child relationship. (cf. vertical transmission) MORE