Industrial Democracy

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Industrial Democracy: The involvement and empowerment of employees in decision-making within the organization by such methods as joint labor-management committees, work teams, quality circles, employee task forces, etc.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

Business / Real Estate / Industrial Revenue Bonds: Bonds issued for the development of an industrial park or the construction of a building for lease to commercial tenants. MORE

Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB)

Business / Finance / Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB): A statistic determined by the Federal Reserve Board focusing on the total output of all U.S. factories and mines on a monthly basis. Used as an economic indicator. MORE

Industrial Rehabilitation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Industrial Rehabilitation: Programs designed to get employees who have been injured on the job back into the workforce and off workers’ compensation. MORE

Industrial Telecommunications Association (ITA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Industrial Telecommunications Association (ITA): A Washington, D.C. trade group serving private wireless licensees such as airlines and oil companies. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Industrialization: When used in agriculture, this term generally refers to the consolidation of farms into very large production units. MORE

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

Business / Finance / Standard Industrial Classification (SIC): In statistics, a measure of the possible error in an estimate. Plus or minus 2 standard errors usually provides a 95% confidence interval. MORE