Informed Consent

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Informed Consent: An individual’s agreement to allow something to transpire subsequent to the individual having been informed of associated risks involved and alternatives.

Other Words for Consent

Consent Adjective Synonyms: agree, comply, concur, accede, acquiesce, concede, yield, submit, cede, conform, give in
Consent Verb Synonyms: permit, allow, agree to, give in to, approve, authorize

Other Words for Informed

Informed Adjective Synonyms: alert (to), aware (of), advised, in touch, au fait, briefed, conversant (with), (well-)versed, up (on), up to date, in the know, wise
Informed Noun Synonyms: intelligent, knowledgeable, enlightened, educated, learned, cultured, cultivated

Mutual Consent

Business / Real Estate / Mutual Consent: A meeting of the minds, a mutual assent of the parties to the formation of the contract. MORE

Reality Of Consent

Business / Real Estate / Reality Of Consent: Although a contract may meet all of the basic requirements, it may still be void or voidable, according to the realty of consent, which states that a contract must be entered into as a free and volunt MORE

Search and Consent Procedures

Life Style / Adoption / Search and Consent Procedures: Procedures, sanctioned in state law, that authorize a public or private agency to assist a searching party to locate another party to the adoption to determine if the second party agrees to the releas MORE

Informed Consent

Science / Genetics / Informed Consent: An individual willingly agrees to participate in an activity after first being advised of the risks and benefits. MORE

Customers Loan Consent

Business / Finance / Customers Loan Consent: Customer is firm on price and has set the price at which to transact. MORE


Health / First Aid / Consent: A legal condition whereby a person can be said to have given consent based upon an appreciation and understanding of the facts and implications of an action MORE