Intermittent-Reduced Schedule Leave

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Intermittent-Reduced Schedule Leave: Under FMLA, intermittent and reduced schedule leave is used to describe leave that is not taken on a consecutive basis but rather taken in increments of days or hours.

Other Words for Leave

Leave Verb Synonyms: go or run off, deviate from
Leave Noun Synonyms: go (away or off), depart, set off, be off, get away or off, retire, retreat, withdraw, decamp, (make an) exit, run, be gone, bid (someone or something) goodbye, say goodbye or adieu (to), take (one's) leave (of), quit, desert, pull out, check out, fly

Other Words for Schedule

Schedule Adjective Synonyms: programme, organize, plan, outline, list, record, register, arrange, book, time, slate, appoint, assign, allot, dedicate, earmark
Schedule Noun Synonyms: programme, timetable, plan, calendar, agenda, outline, list, listing, record, register

Schedule (Window, Door, Mirror)

Business / Construction / Schedule (Window, Door, Mirror): A table on the blueprints that list the sizes, quantities and locations of the windows, doors and mirrors. MORE

Schedule 13d

Business / Finance / Schedule 13d: Disclosure form required when more than 5% of any class of equity securities in a publicly held corporation is purchased. MORE

Schedule C

Business / Finance / Schedule C: Describes membership requirements and procedures of NASD, in its bylaws. MORE

Schedule Interview

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Schedule Interview: An interviewing format in which each candidate is asked for the same exact information. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Schedule: A listing of the time of day and dates an advertiser's commercials are planned to run. MORE

Run-Of-Schedule (ROS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Run-Of-Schedule (ROS): Scheduling of commercials at any time of a station's choosing. MORE