Invitation To Self-Identify

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Invitation To Self-Identify: An invitation by an employer extended to all employees who believe they are covered by Section 402 or 503 to identify themselves as having a disability, being a disabled veteran, a Vietnam-era veteran or other eligible veteran for purposes of making reasonable accommodation and taking affirmative action. Applicants may no longer be asked to self-identify prior to an offer of employment being extended to them by the employer.

Other Words for Invitation

Invitation Adjective Synonyms: summons, request, call, bidding, invite

Puttonyos (Hungary)

Life Style / Wine / Puttonyos (Hungary): A 25kg basket used in the harvest of grapes, puttonyos have become a measure of the addition of sweet nobly rotten grapes known as Asz? to Tokay wine. The more puttonyos are added per g?nc of dry wine MORE

Q Ratio Or Tobins Q Ratio

Business / Finance / Q Ratio Or Tobins Q Ratio: Market value of a firm's assets divided by replacement value of the firm's assets. Named after James Tobin of Yale University. MORE

Quadruple Stop

Entertainment / Music / Quadruple Stop: Playing four notes simultaneously on a string instrument. MORE