Job Analysis

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Analysis: The systematic process of gathering and examining and interpreting data regarding the specific tasks comprising a job.

Other Words for Analysis

Analysis Noun Synonyms: examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, enquiry or inquiry, dissection, assay, breakdown, division

Other Words for Job

Job Verb Synonyms: work, employment, position, berth, livelihood, career, occupation, calling, vocation, appointment, pursuit, field, trade, craft, profession, m‚tier, area
Job Noun Synonyms: task, undertaking, procedure, proceeding, affair, operation, project, activity, business, matter, chore
Job Noun Plural Synonyms: assignment, responsibility, concern, chore, task, undertaking, function, duty, role, mission, province, contribution, charge

Mean-Variance Analysis

Business / Finance / Mean-Variance Analysis: Evaluation of risky prospects based on the expected value and variance of possible outcomes. MORE

Multiple-Discriminant Analysis (MDA)

Business / Finance / Multiple-Discriminant Analysis (MDA): Statistical technique for distinguishing between two groups on the basis of their observed characteristics. MORE

Market Analysis

Business / Finance / Market Analysis: An analysis of technical corporate and market data used to predict movements in the market. MORE

Management Discussion And Analysis (MD and A)

Business / Finance / Management Discussion And Analysis (MD and A): A report from management to shareholders that accompanies the firm's financial statements in the annual report. It explains the period's financial results and enables management to discuss topics that MORE

Joe Job

Technology / Email / Joe Job: A spam-industry term for a forged email, in which a spammer or hacker fakes a genuine email address in order to hide his identity. MORE

Mythic Analysis

Technology / Television (TV) / Mythic Analysis: An interpretive strategy of genre analysis that approaches genres in terms of archetypes, stories shared by large segments of a culture which offer the researcher evidence of that society's thought pr MORE