Job Offer Letter

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Offer Letter: A formal written document that is provided by an employer to a candidate selected for employment which outlines information regarding the employment terms, such as the date employment is to commence, the position the individual is being hired to perform, the agreed upon salary, benefits to be provided, etc. The employer usually requires the candidate to sign and return the letter as a formal acceptance of employment.

Other Words for Job

Job Noun Plural Synonyms: assignment, responsibility, concern, chore, task, undertaking, function, duty, role, mission, province, contribution, charge
Job Verb Synonyms: work, employment, position, berth, livelihood, career, occupation, calling, vocation, appointment, pursuit, field, trade, craft, profession, m‚tier, area
Job Noun Synonyms: task, undertaking, procedure, proceeding, affair, operation, project, activity, business, matter, chore

Other Words for Letter

Letter Noun Synonyms: character, symbol, sign

Other Words for Offer

Offer Verb Synonyms: proffer, provide, submit, put forward or forth, advance, tender, extend, make, suggest
Offer Noun Synonyms: proffer, propose, tender, bid

Offer And Acceptance

Business / Real Estate / Offer And Acceptance: Two essential components of a valid contract, a meeting of the minds. MORE

Offer Versus Serve

Business / Agriculture / Offer Versus Serve: Refers to the option children may have to refuse one or more items offered as part of a federally subsidized school lunch or breakfast without losing eligibility for federal reimbursement. MORE


Business / Finance / Offer: Indicates a willingness to sell at a given price. Related: Bid. MORE