Johari Window

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Johari Window: A leadership disclosure and feedback model which can be used in performance measurement and features the four quadrants (windows) of "knowing". Quadrant I – represents the area of free activity or public area, refers to behavior and motivation known to self and known to others. Quadrant II – represents the blind area, where others can see things in ourselves of which we are unaware. Quadrant III – represents the avoided or hidden areas, represents things we know but do not reveal to others, (e.g., a hidden agenda, or matters about which we have sensitive feelings). Quadrant IV - represents the areas of unknown activity, in which neither the individual nor others are aware of certain behaviors or motives.

Window Contract

Business / Finance / Window Contract: A brokerage firm's cashier department, where delivery of securities and settlement of transactions take place. MORE

Window Buck

Business / Construction / Window Buck: Square or rectangular box that is installed within a concrete foundation or block wall. A window will eventually be installed in this 'buck' during the siding stage of construction MORE


Business / Finance / Window: A sudden unexpected profit uncontrolled by the profiting party. MORE