Just Cause

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Just Cause: A legal term used as the guiding principle utilized by employers whenever engaging in some form of corrective action or discipline for employees. Just cause is determined by examining the reasonableness of the discipline according to a set of guiding principles (i.e. was the employee adequately forewarned that the particular behavior would result in discipline or termination; management conducted a fair and objective investigation of the facts prior to administering any discipline; rules, orders, and disciplinary action must be applied in a consistent and non-discriminatory manner; discipline must be reasonably related to the seriousness of the offense and the employee’s past work record, etc.)

Other Words for Cause

Cause Noun Synonyms: origin, occasion, source, root, genesis, agent, prime mover, well-spring
Cause Verb Synonyms: make, induce

Other Words for Just

Just Noun Synonyms: fair, equitable, impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, reasonable, fair-minded, even-handed, neutral, objective
Just Adverb Synonyms: (only or just) now, a moment ago, (very) recently, lately
Just Adjective Synonyms: only, merely, nothing but, solely, simply, at best, at most, no more than

Market Adjustment-Trading Securities Account

Business / Accounting / Market Adjustment-Trading Securities Account: An account used to track the difference between the historical cost and the market value of a company's portfolio of trading securities. MORE

Make Allowance (Or Milk Manufacturing Marketing Adjustment)

Business / Agriculture / Make Allowance (Or Milk Manufacturing Marketing Adjustment): The margin between the government support price for milk and the CCC’s purchase price for butter, nonfat dry milk, and cheese. This margin is administratively set to cover the costs of 'making' milk MORE

Justified Price

Business / Finance / Justified Price: The fair market price of an asset. MORE