Knowledge Mapping

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Knowledge Mapping: A process used to create a summation of the knowledge an organization will need in order to support its overall goals, objectives, strategies and missions.

Other Words for Knowledge

Knowledge Noun Synonyms: acquaintance, acquaintanceship, familiarity, appreciation, conversance, expertise, experience, adeptness, proficiency
Knowledge Adjective Synonyms: knowing, awareness, apprehension, cognition, grasp, understanding, discernment, consciousness, conception, insight

Knowledge-Based Pay

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Knowledge-Based Pay: A salary differentiation system that bases compensation on an individual’s education, experience, knowledge, skills or specialized training. Also referred to as skill-based pay. MORE

Knowledge Worker

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Knowledge Worker: Employees whose job functions are primarily of an intellectual nature. MORE

Local Knowledge

Entertainment / Golf / Local Knowledge: Awareness of a course's idiosyncratic playing characteristics from having played it many times MORE

Long-Range Restriction Mapping

Science / Genetics / Long-Range Restriction Mapping: Restriction enzymes are proteins that cut dna at precise locations. Restriction maps depict the chromosomal positions of restriction-enzyme cutting sites. These are used as biochemical 'signposts,' or MORE

Texture Mapping

Entertainment / Video Games / Texture Mapping: The programming technique that draws graphical patterns on polygons. This allows smooth surfaces to look bumpy or shaded. MORE

Mapping Population

Science / Genetics / Mapping Population: The group of related organisms used in constructing a genetic map. MORE