Mission Statement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Mission Statement: A statement illustrating what the company is, what the company does and where the company is headed.

Other Words for Mission

Mission Adjective Synonyms: task, duty, function, purpose, job, office, work, assignment, errand, charge, business, commission, undertaking, pursuit, activity, aim, objective
Mission Noun Synonyms: calling, occupation, vocation, trade, line (of work), profession, m‚tier

Other Words for Statement

Statement Adjective Synonyms: assertion, allegation, declaration, expression, report, account, affirmation, asseveration, averral, announcement, annunciation, proclamation, utterance, communication, disclosure

Purpose Statement

Business / Finance / Purpose Statement: A form filed by a borrower that describes the use of a loan backed by securities, and guarantees that the funds lent will not be used illegally to buy securities against Federal Reserve regulations. MORE

Real Estate Advisory Commission

Business / Real Estate / Real Estate Advisory Commission: A ten member panel appointed by the Real Estate Commissioner, who preside over meetings. Six commission members must be licensed California real estate brokers, and four must be non licensed members o MORE

Real Estate Commissioner

Business / Real Estate / Real Estate Commissioner: The Real Estate Commissioner is appointed by the governor and serves at the governors discretion. The commissioner determines administrative policy and enforces that policy in the best interests of th MORE

Public Utility Commission (PUC)

Technology / Cell Phones / Public Utility Commission (PUC): The state regulatory body charged with regulating utilities, including telecommunications. MORE

Public Health Statement

Health / Disease / Public Health Statement: The first chapter of an ATSDR toxicological profile. The public health statement is a summary written in words that are easy to understand. The public health statement explains how people might be exp MORE

Profit and Loss Statement (P and L)

Business / Finance / Profit and Loss Statement (P and L): Another term for the income statement. MORE