Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: A psychological test used to assess an individual’s personality type.

Other Words for Indicator

Indicator Noun Synonyms: pointer, needle, gauge, meter, display

Other Words for Type

Type Noun Synonyms: class, category, classification, kind, sort, genre, order, variety, breed, species, strain, group, genus, ilk, kidney
Type Adjective Synonyms: typewrite, keyboard, transcribe

Range Height Indicator (RHI)

Technology / Radar / Range Height Indicator (RHI): A range height indicator (rhi) is a radar display that represents the height of the target on the vertical axis, and uses the horizontal axis of the rhi to represent the target range. MORE

Radar Indicator

Technology / Radar / Radar Indicator: A unit of a radar set which provides a visual indication of radar echoes received, using a cathode-ray tube for such indication. Besides the cathode-ray tube, the radar indicator is comprised of sweep MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Prototype: Term may be used differently in different situations and by different people. Usual meaning: an early build of the game (thus 'prototype' could be the first playable version, or it could be Alpha or B MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Platinotype: Obsolete contact printing process popular among pictorialists. MORE

Redox Indicator

Science / Chemistry / Redox Indicator: An organic molecule that has reduced and oxidized forms with different colors; interconversion of the reduced and oxidized forms of the indicator must be reversible. Ferroin is an example. MORE

RHI (Range Height Indicator)

Technology / Radar / RHI (Range Height Indicator): Display on which radar signals are shown with height as the vertical axis and range as the horizontal axis, forming a vertical cross section of a cloud or precipitation system. MORE