On-The-Job Training

Business / Human Resources (HR) / On-The-Job Training: Training provided to employees by managers and supervisors; conducted at the actual worksite utilizing demonstration and actual performance of job tasks to be accomplished.

Work-Training Programs

Business / Agriculture / Work-Training Programs: Work/training programs have two meanings in the food stamp program: (1) most able-bodied unemployed or underemployed (less than 30 hours a week) adults not caring for very young children must register MORE

Skills Training

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Skills Training: Training provided to employees to help them ascertain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their current jobs; also used as a retraining method when new systems or processes are introduced. MORE

Strength Training

Health / Fitness / Strength Training: Process of exercising a muscle using resistance weight training to increase muscular strenght. MORE

Sensitivity Training

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Sensitivity Training: A form of individual counseling geared toward increasing self-awareness and sensitivity to others. It aims to assist key employees in developing their leadership skills surrounding issues of diversity MORE

Temporary Restraining Order

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Temporary Restraining Order: Restraining and/or protective orders are examples of orders issued by a court restraining the conduct of an individual and protecting a victim from the activities of an abusive person. MORE

Rotational Training

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Rotational Training: A training method where employees are rotated among a variety of different jobs, departments or company functions for a certain period of time. MORE