Open Enrollment Period

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Open Enrollment Period: The period of time designated by the employer’s health or other benefit plan when employees may enroll in new benefit plans or make changes to existing benefit plans.

Other Words for Open

Open Adjective Synonyms: ajar, gaping, agape, unfastened, unlocked, unbarred, unbolted, unlatched, unclosed
Open Verb Synonyms: unblock, clear, unobstruct, unclog, unstop

Other Words for Period

Period Noun Synonyms: interval, time, term, span, duration, spell, space, stretch, while, patch


Business / Finance / Opening: The period at the beginning of the trading session officially designated by an exchange, during which all transactions are considered made 'at the opening.' Related: Close. MORE

Open-Pot Method

Life Style / Coffee / Open-Pot Method: Brewing method in which the ground coffee is steeped (not boiled) in an open pot, and separated from the brewed coffee by settling or straining. MORE

Opening Price

Business / Finance / Opening Price: The range of prices at which the first bids and offers are made or the first transactions are completed on an exchange. MORE

Opening Purchase

Business / Finance / Opening Purchase: Creation of or increase in a long position in a given series of options. MORE

Opening Sale

Business / Finance / Opening Sale: Creation of or increase in a short position in a given series of options. MORE

Open-Panel HMO

Health / Health Insurance / Open-Panel HMO: An HMO in which any physician who meets the HMO's standards of care may contract with the HMO as a provider. These physicians typically operate out of their own offices and see other patients as well MORE