Business / Human Resources (HR) / Outplacement: A benefit offered by the employer to displaced employees that may consist of such services as job counseling, training and job-finding assistance.

Executive Outplacement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Executive Outplacement: A program designed to provide displaced senior-level managerial and professional employees with career management and transition services that go above and beyond what is typically offered through a c MORE

Group Outplacement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Group Outplacement: Used as a cost-cutting measure, it incorporates the same principles as individual outplacement benefits (i.e., providing job counseling, training and other services to displaced employees) with the ex MORE

Career Center

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Career Center: An office set up within an organization to be used for the purpose of providing outplacement counseling and job placement services to displaced workers. MORE