Quality Assurance

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Quality Assurance: Activities or programs whose purpose is to demonstrate and ensure that products and services meet specifications and are consistently of high quality.

Other Words for Assurance

Assurance Noun Synonyms: promise, pledge, guarantee or guaranty, warranty, commitment, bond, surety, word, word of honor, oath, vow

Other Words for Quality

Quality Verb Synonyms: property, attribute, characteristic, mark, distinction, je ne sais quoi, trait

Partners In Quality

Business / Agriculture / Partners In Quality: An AMS documented quality assurance system for fresh produce packing houses. Those that incorporate the program’s rigorous quality standards and requirements (monitored by periodic unannounced AMS a MORE

Quality Option

Business / Finance / Quality Option: Gives the seller choice of deliverables in Treasury bond and Treasury note futures contracts. Also called the swap option. Related: Cheapest to deliver issue. MORE

Quality Of Earnings

Business / Finance / Quality Of Earnings: Increased earnings due to increased sales and cost controls, as compared to artificial profits created by inflation of inventory or other asset prices. MORE

Quality Program

Health / Health Insurance / Quality Program: An organization-wide initiative to measure and improve the service and care provided by an MCO. MORE

Quality Shot

Entertainment / Bowling / Quality Shot: A shot in which everything, the approach, release etc all come together in perfect timing and balance. It has nothing to do with score or results. Quality shots, not pinfall, is your practice goal. MORE

Quality Score

Business / Internet Marketing / Quality Score: A score assigned by search engines that is calculated by measuring an ad's clickthrough rate, analyzing the relevance of the landing page, and considering other factors used to determine the quality o MORE