Business / Human Resources (HR) / Quit: A voluntary resignation from employment that is initiated by the employee.

Other Words for Quit

Quit Verb Synonyms: resign, give up, relinquish, leave, renounce, retire from, withdraw from
Quit Noun Synonyms: leave, depart from, go (away) from, get away from, decamp, exit, desert, flee, forsake, abandon, take off, beat it, skip

Equity-Linked Policies

Business / Finance / Equity-Linked Policies: Stockholders; those holding shares of the firm's equity. MORE

Statement Of Stockholders Equity

Business / Accounting / Statement Of Stockholders Equity: A financial statement that reports all changes in stockholders' equity. MORE

Return On Equity (ROE)

Business / Finance / Return On Equity (ROE): Net income divided by equity. This ratio is often used as a measure of the return on funds invested in a business. MORE


Business / Accounting / Equity: The value of the business to the owner of the business (which is the difference between the business's assets and liabilities). MORE

Shareholder Equity

Business / Finance / Shareholder Equity: Another term for equity. MORE

Equity Cap

Business / Finance / Equity Cap: Also known as net worth or owners' equity. Equity is the net value of a company's total assets, less its total liabilities. MORE