Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reasonable Suspicion Testing: A drug or alcohol test administered to an employee due to a performance or policy infraction or poor or erratic behavior.

Other Words for Reasonable

Reasonable Noun Synonyms: sensible, rational, sane, logical, sober, sound, judicious, wise, intelligent, thinking
Reasonable Adjective Synonyms: appropriate, suitable, proper, sensible, right
Reasonable Verb Synonyms: credible, believable, plausible, tenable, reasoned, arguable, well-thought-out, well-grounded

Other Words for Suspicion

Suspicion Verb Synonyms: doubt, dubiousness, dubiety, misgiving, mistrust, distrust, scepticism, qualm, wariness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, cautiousness, hesitation, second thought(s), uncertainty, leeriness, funny feeling, bad vibes
Suspicion Noun Synonyms: notion, inkling, suggestion, hint, trace, flavor, taste, dash, glimmer, tinge, touch, shadow, shade, scintilla, tad

Reasonable Academic Progress (RAP)

Life Style / College / Reasonable Academic Progress (RAP): the South Carolina Lottery Tuition Assistance has its own academic progress standards called Reasonable Academic Progress (RAP). Students must satisfy the RAP requirements listed below in order to be MORE

Reasonable Accommodation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reasonable Accommodation: Modifying or adjusting a job process or a work environment to better enable a qualified individual with a disability to be considered for or perform the essential functions of a job. MORE

Reasonable And Customary Fees

Health / Health Insurance / Reasonable And Customary Fees: The average fee charged by a particular type of health care practitioner within a geographic area. The term is often used by medical plans as the amount of money they will approve for a specific test MORE

Random Testing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Random Testing: Drug and alcohol tests administered by an employer that selects employees to be tested on a random basis. MORE

Prenatal Testing

Science / Biology / Prenatal Testing: Testing to detect the presence of a genetic disorder in an embryo or fetus; commonly done by amniocentesis or chorionic villi sampling. MORE

Pre-Employment Testing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Pre-Employment Testing: The practice of issuing tests to potential employees on a pre-employment basis in order to determine an applicant’s suitability for a certain position. These tests may include, but are not limited t MORE