Business / Human Resources (HR) / Recognition: An acknowledgement of an employee’s exceptional performance or achievements expressed in the form of praise, commendation or gratitude.

Other Words for Recognition

Recognition Noun Synonyms: acknowledgement, notice, attention, cognizance, acceptance, awareness, perception, admission, honor, appreciation
Recognition Verb Synonyms: identification, detection

Recognition Clause

Business / Real Estate / Recognition Clause: A clause found in some blanket mortgages used to purchase a tract of land for subdivision development providing for protection of the rights of the ultimate buyers of individual lots in case of defaul MORE

Revenue Recognition Principle

Business / Accounting / Revenue Recognition Principle: The idea that revenues should be recorded when (1) the earnings process has been substantially completed and (2) an exchange has taken place. MORE

Pattern Recognition

Science / Chemistry / Pattern Recognition: A computational technique used to find patterns and develop classification schemes for data in very large data sets. MORE

Voice Recognition

Technology / Cell Phones / Voice Recognition: The capability for cellular phones, PCs and other communications devices to be activated or controlled by voice commands. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anagnorisis: (Greek for 'recognition'): A term used by Aristotle in the Poetics to describe the moment of tragic recognition in which the protagonist realizes some important fact or insight, especially a truth abo MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Idiolect: The language or speech pattern unique to one individual at a particular period of his or her life. Because no total conformity in pronunciation is possible, each individual has a slightly different wa MORE