Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reprimand: An oral or written reproach given to an employee as part of disciplinary action.

Other Words for Reprimand

Reprimand Adjective Synonyms: scolding, reproof, rebuke, admonition, upbraiding, castigation, reproach, lecture, censure, criticism, disapproval, remonstrance, remonstration, reprehension, tongue-lashing, dressing-down, talking-to, telling-off, ticking-off, rap over or on the k
Reprimand Verb Synonyms: scold, chide, reprove, rebuke, admonish, upbraid, castigate, reproach, berate, lecture, censure, criticize, find fault with, attack, flay (alive), reprehend, read (someone) the riot act, slap on the wrist, rap over the knuckles, take to task, bawl

Oral Reprimand

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Oral Reprimand: A verbal warning given to an employee by a manager or supervisor as a means of correcting inappropriate behavior or conduct. MORE

Disciplinary Action

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Disciplinary Action: The means of reprimanding employees who fail to abide by the organization’s performance standards, policies or rules. MORE