Business / Human Resources (HR) / Screening: Usually the first step taken during the interviewing process, involving reviewing prospective candidate applications/resumes, verifying information supplied by the candidate, conducting interviews and examining test results.

Early And Periodic Screening Diagnostic And Treatment (EPSDT) Services

Health / Health Insurance / Early And Periodic Screening Diagnostic And Treatment (EPSDT) Services: Services, including screening, vision, hearing, and dental services, provided under Medicaid to children under age 21 at intervals which meet recognized standards of medical and dental practices and a MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photo-Silkscreening: Method of silkscreening images, using a stencil produced photographically. MORE

Presymptomatic Screening

Science / Biology / Presymptomatic Screening: Testing to detect genetic disorders that only become apparent later in life. The tests are done before the condition actually appears, such as with Huntington disease. MORE

Genetic Screening

Science / Genetics / Genetic Screening: Testing groups of individuals to identify defective genes capable of causing hereditary conditions. MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Sensitivity: With traditional film cameras, sensitivity, also known as ISO, represents the film's sensitivity to light. A lower ISO number means that the film needs more light to take a picture than film with a hi MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Staffing: The function within an organization responsible for recruitment, screening and selection of employees. Oftentimes, this function may also be responsible for other areas of employment, such as orientat MORE