Business / Human Resources (HR) / Sex : The classification of people as male or female.

Other Words for Sex

Sex Noun Synonyms: gender

Sex Hormones

Science / Biology / Sex Hormones: A group of steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex. Hormones that are produced in the gonads and promoted development and maintainence of the secondary sex characteristics and structures, prep MORE

Sex Linkage

Science / Biology / Sex Linkage: The condition in which the inheritance of a sex chromosome is coupled with that of a given gene; e.g., red-green color blindness and hemophilia in humans. Traits located on the X-chromosome. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Tynged: A magical taboo or restriction placed on a hero in Welsh literature, the Welsh equivalent to the Irish geasa. One example from The Mabinogion would be how Culwch's mother places a 'destiny' on him so MORE


Science / Biology / Palindrome: A sequence that reads the same in either direction; in genetics, refers to an enzyme recognition sequence that reads the same on both strands of DNA. MORE

Sex Discrimination Act Of 1975

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Sex Discrimination Act Of 1975: The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 prohibits discrimination against individuals based on sex or marital status in areas of employment, education, the provision of goods, facilities and services or in MORE

Sex Discrimination

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Sex Discrimination: Discriminatory conduct or actions based on sex or pregnancy, as it relates to conditions of employment, benefits, pay and opportunities for advancement. MORE