Six Sigma

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Six Sigma: Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven methodology used to eliminate defects and improve processes and cut costs from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.


Entertainment / Bowling / Sixpack: Six consecutive strikes. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Sixaxis: The brand name for the motion-sensitive playstation 3 controller, so called because it has the ability to sense rotational and translational movement along all three dimensional axes (meaning you can MORE

Sixth Arrow

Entertainment / Bowling / Sixth Arrow: The arrow commonly used by Jason Couch and Kelly Coffman ; for a right handed player, the second arrow on the lanes starting from the left side; a deep inside target line. MORE

Sixth Attacker

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Sixth Attacker: This is the extra skater who comes on the ice after the goalie has been pulled. MORE

Sixth Man

Entertainment / Basketball / Sixth Man: The best sub on the team, the first guy off the bench to replace a starter. MORE

Sixth House

Science / Astrology / Sixth House: Also known as the House of Health. It is about your job, routine, daily responsibilities, diet, employees, pets and physical fitness. It also addresses a fulfillment of duty and the conscious mind. MORE