Slow Learner

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Slow Learner: A term used to describe individuals with mental disabilities and an IQ of between 75 and 90.

Other Words for Learner

Learner Verb Synonyms: student, pupil, scholar, trainee, apprentice, novice, tiro or tyro, abecedarian, beginner, initiate, neophyte

Other Words for Slow

Slow Adverb Synonyms: relax, take it easy, ease up
Slow Adjective Synonyms: lagging, laggard, dawdling, sluggish, sluggard(ly), slow-moving, leaden, ponderous, unhurried, plodding, snail-like, tortoise-like, torpid, leaden-footed, creeping, crawling, deliberate, slow-paced, leisurely, gradual, easy, relaxed, lax, lackadaisical, l
Slow Verb Synonyms: gradual, progressive, moderate, perceptible, almost imperceptible, measurable
Slow Noun Synonyms: unhurried, slow-moving, slow-paced

Slow Sync

Entertainment / Photography / Slow Sync: Flash technique for using the flash at a slow shutter speed. Flash shooting in dim light or at night at a fast shutter speed often results in a flash-illuminated subject against a dark background. Usi MORE

Slow Play

Entertainment / Golf / Slow Play: (also 'undue delay') not keeping up with the pace of play as determined by the committee MORE

Slow Twitch

Health / Fitness / Slow Twitch: Muscle cells that contract slowly are resistant to fatigue and are utilized in endurance activities such as long-distance running, cycling or swimming. MORE

Slow Whistle

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Slow Whistle: A slow whistle is when an official waits to blow his whistle, usually due to a delayed offside or delayed penalty call. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Slow-down: When more objects are on the screen than a system can handle, the game tends to slow down, often to the detriment of the gameplay. This tends to be a problem with systems that have underpowered proces MORE

Slow Of Course

Science / Astrology / Slow Of Course: Term used to describe a planet's motion when its rate of travel is less than its mean daily motion. MORE