Business / Human Resources (HR) / Specialization: A principle stating that, as an organization grows, work within the organization needs to be divided in order to keep jobs from becoming so specialized or complex that they require a greater range of skills that essentially can not be performed by one individual.

Concept-Based Overloading

Technology / Programming / Concept-Based Overloading: Concept-based overloading selects the most specific algorithm from a set of specializations of a given algorithm. MORE


Life Style / College / Entrepreneurship: The undertaking of a business or enterprise with the chance of profit or loss. This is a common specialization in business programs in which students study the traits of successful entrepreneurs as we MORE

Interdisciplinary (Curriculum)

Life Style / College / Interdisciplinary (Curriculum): Study of all aspects of a particular field (e.g., chemistry, engineering) rather than complete specialization in a single area (e.g., marketing, electrical engineering). This gives students a broad, w MORE


Science / Biology / Colonial: 1. Level of organization intermediate between unicellular and multicellular - organisms are composed of multiple cells but fail to exhibit specialization of those cells. Examples: Volvox, a colonial a MORE


Science / Biology / Multicellular: Organisms composed of multiple cells and exhibiting some division of labor and specialization of cell structure and function. MORE

Agricultural Diversification

Business / Agriculture / Agricultural Diversification: A system of farming that encourages production of a variety of plants and animals and their products as opposed to monoculture or large-scale specialization. Advocates of diversification argue that it MORE