Business / Human Resources (HR) / Staffing: The function within an organization responsible for recruitment, screening and selection of employees. Oftentimes, this function may also be responsible for other areas of employment, such as orientation, retention, training and termination of staff.

Staffing Metrics

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Staffing Metrics: Measures used to determine costs associated with recruitment and hiring, time to fill/start for open positions and recruiter workload/activity. MORE

Flexible Staffing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Flexible Staffing: The practice of utilizing temporary employees, independent contractors or part-time employees to fill vacancies instead of hiring a traditional full-time permanent employee workforce. MORE

Strategic Staffing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Strategic Staffing: The practice of hiring smaller core numbers of permanent employees and utilizing temporary employees to fill more highly specialized positions within the organization. MORE

Staff Leasing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Staff Leasing: The practice of an employer directly hiring an employee on a temporary basis for an indefinite period of time instead of utilizing the services of a temporary staffing agency. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Temp-To-Perm: The process of hiring employees on a temporary basis, usually through a temporary staffing agency, with the understanding that if the individual’s performance meets or exceeds expectations, he or sh MORE


Life Style / Travel / Officers: The deck officers, in order of command, are - captain, staff captain, chief officer, first officer(s). The captain is first in command of the ship. As second in command, the staff captain is fully cap MORE