Strategic HR

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Strategic HR: The process of taking a long-term approach to Human Resource Management through the development and implementation of HR programs that address and solve business problems and directly contribute to major long-term business objectives.

Other Words for Strategic

Strategic Adjective Synonyms: tactical, key, crucial, principal, cardinal, critical, vital, key


Science / Psychiatry / Schizophrenia: (skiz-o-fre-ne-ah) A common type of psychosis characterized by hallucinations and/or delusions, personality changes, withdrawal, and serious thought and speech disturbances. MORE

Saturation (Chroma Or Chrominance)

Technology / Television (TV) / Saturation (Chroma Or Chrominance): In terms of television's image quality, the level of a color's purity (or how much or little grayness is mixed with the color). MORE

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Science / Biology / Rheumatoid Arthritis: A crippling form of arthritis that begins with infiammation and thickening of the synovial membrane, followed by bone degeneration and disfigurement. MORE

Reverse Bohr Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Reverse Bohr Effect: Effect that occurs when lactate builds up in the blood of certain invertebrates and ph decreases, increasing the affinity of hemocyanin for oxygen MORE

Sequential Hermaphrodite

Science / Marine Biology / Sequential Hermaphrodite: An individual that sequentially produces male and then female gametes or vice versa MORE

Sex Chromosome

Science / Genetics / Sex Chromosome: The x or y chromosome in human beings that determines the sex of an individual. Females have two x chromosomes in diploid cells: males have an x and a y chromosome. The sex chromosomes comprise the 23 MORE