Talent Mindset

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Talent Mindset : The deep-seated belief that talent differentiates organizational culture and breeds competitive advantage, with benefits for both the individual and for the organization, now and in the future. Talent Mindset is embedded in the entire organization - led by the CEO, modeled by management, supported by a range of initiatives developed by HR and implemented by HR and line managers.

Other Words for Talent

Talent Noun Synonyms: ability, power, gift, faculty, flair, genius, facility, aptitude, capacity, knack, ingenuity, forte, strength, endowment


Technology / Email / Permission: The implicit approval given when a person actively requests to have their own email address added to a list. MORE

Permission Marketing

Business / Internet Marketing / Permission Marketing: Marketing centered around getting customer's consent to receive information from a company. MORE


Business / Construction / Permit : A governmental municipal authorization to perform a building process as in: Zoning\Use permit -Authorization to use a property for a specific use e.g. A garage, a single family residence etc. Demoliti MORE