Training Needs Analysis

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Training Needs Analysis: A method used to determine what people need to learn and which training programs may be beneficial. The result of the analysis is a training needs report identifying training needs and the interventions needed to reduce key performance gaps.

Other Words for Analysis

Analysis Noun Synonyms: examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, enquiry or inquiry, dissection, assay, breakdown, division

Regression Analysis

Business / Finance / Regression Analysis: A statistical technique that can be used to estimate relationships between variables. MORE

Remedial Training

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Remedial Training: Describes a method of teaching intended to help people who have basic skills deficiencies, such reading or writing. MORE

Reconstructed Cash Flow Analysis

Business / Real Estate / Reconstructed Cash Flow Analysis: An estimated cash flow analysis for a rental property, prepared by an agent using accurate property information. Its purpose is to present what the cash flow numbers for the investment property will l MORE

Ratio Analysis

Business / Finance / Ratio Analysis: A way of expressing relationships between a firm's accounting numbers and their trends over time that analysts use to establish values and evaluate risks. MORE

Quantitative Analysis

Science / Chemistry / Quantitative Analysis: A chemical analysis that determines the concentration of a substance in a sample. MORE

Response Analysis

Science / Tides and Currents / Response Analysis: For any linear system, an input function Xi(t) and an output function X0(t) can be related according to the formula: X0(t) = oi4xi (t – J)W(J)dj + noise(t), where W(J) is the impulse response of the MORE